Can the older FIRSTS be worn crossbody? Pics please

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  1. Hi all, wondering if the 02 firsts with 29" strap can be worn crossbody and if anyone has pictures to share? Thanks!
  2. I'm about 5.3"-5.4" and a US size 4-6 and I could wear my First with the 29" strap cross body but it sits too high on the hip for my liking. I still prefer it on the shoulder.
  3. I agree with Silverfern. yes, they can be worn cross body but they sit a bit high. Still, OK at a pinch (I sometimes do this when out at night and not wanting to worry about somebody snatching my bag off my shoulder).
  4. Hi Drati! Always to my rescue. hehe... I'm still looking for the perfect crossbody bag for walks with my little one. The town is great but strap is a bit long for me. U are taller so u won't have that problem. I will get a town eventually but i want to explore options.

    I can wear the city crossbody but also at a pinch. Does that mean I can wear the first 29" comfortably you think?

    I am also thinking besace but it's hard to get and i am not a super fan.
  5. Thanks Drati! uhm interesting baby bag... but there are not many available now huh?
  6. No, they are a bit hard to find. There are few floating around in the US. Department Feminin has the suede version. There's a black one on (good price too, too bad I didn't want black). This style will also be made next season, from what I've heard ...
  7. Anyway i am back to considering a first cos it seems that i MAY be able to wear it crossbody. I would have kept my town if the leather didn't peel.
  8. I wore my 2002 first all the time. I don't have pic at the moment though
  9. #10 Oct 17, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2010
    Ugh, what a shame. Peeling leather? That doesn't sound good.

    Corey has a couple of early firsts with the longer strap listed. Just bear in mind that the first is quite a bit smaller than the town. I love the fbf for evenings but find it too small for daily use. The town fits significantly more. Here's a comparison shot between my fbf and my town.

  10. and Can the newer FIRSTS be worn crossbody? How long is the strap? 18''?
  11. The earliest Firsts had hand-cut straps as the lengths would vary a bit from bag to bag. The Flat Brass Firsts from 2001 and S/S 2002 had around a 24" long strap from clip to clip. Then in F/W '02 the Flat Brass First had strap that was between 27" to 29".

    F/W '02 Black FBF vs. S/S '02 Choco FBF:

    However, the Pewter Hardware First bags from F/W '02 in suede or monk leather were pretty consistent in 29" from clip to clip and introduced the weight distributor, seen here with a F/W '02 Black Flat Brass First vs. F/W '02 Black Suede Pewter First:

    The long, 29" strap held true in S/S '03 as well, but by F/W '03 the First bag's strap was reduced to 18" which it has remained since. As seen in this S/S '04 Black Pewter First vs. S/S '03 Black Pewter First:

    Those longest 29" straps can be worn cross-body by petite and/or thin women. The overall look of the First is very different with the longer strap in my opinion and I really like the long strap!

    Here are some comparison pics of me @ 5'3" and size medium/large with First bags that are already nicely broken-in, starting with S/S '03 Black Pewter First and then S/S '05 Black RH (brass) First:

    Hope that helps!
  12. ^^^ Always an education when Corey joins the thread: thanks, Corey. I never knew there was a long strap to the First - I always thought they had somehow landed up with a Part Time strap!!

    I love the longer strap on the First, wish Bal would bring it back. It looks in such perfect proportion to the little flat First shape... however with the Hip out, I guess it is unlikely that will happen soon.
  13. ^^ Great pics Corey. I'm a huge fan of the 29" strap too!
  14. Thanks Corey. I hope i'll enjoy my monk first with long strap!! tho i don't consider myself petite or thin. Hope to show some modeling pics worn crossbody soon!