Can the New iPod fit in Multicolore Key Pouch ??

  1. :nuts: the messurement of the Multicolore Key Pouch was really exactly the same size as the new iPod...:blink: so can it really fit on it?
  2. no... cuz it's a lil too thick to go in it.. especially the MC's, cuz they have the vachetta trim on the outsides. an iPod nano, however, will fit fine. :smile:
  3. They have a monogram canvas nano cover. But it sounds like you want the multicolor.
  4. multicolor has regular ipod, nano and shuffle covers. haha.
  5. Why are you laughing at me?

    They have a multicolor Nano holder? OH WOW. I know what I'm gettin' next ! :nuts:
  6. oh, thanks guys yeah! I really want the multicolor, so maybe I'll wait fot it :smile:
  7. sorry if you thought i was laughing AT you.. i was laughing at the fact that LV (and other big name designer labels) have iPod Shuffle cases... they cost more than the shuffle itself!
  8. That is a bit ironic! I know people who have the shuffle as well as other I-pods. They bought them for running. I guess one wouldn't really run with a shuffle in an LV case though!
  9. hahah.. yea you're right.. but these days with the new video ipod and ipod nano out to be as thin as a shuffle and hold more music.. i dont see the need for a shuffle.. especially since you can't see what music you're playing. IMO, a shuffle is perfect for kids who want the ipods, but only have like.. 100 songs.. and they're all hilary duff and ashlee simpson.
  10. That's ok! I thought I said something wrong. :biggrin: But I have to agree it's kinda silly to have a case that cost more than the player!!
  11. I think with the Nano it'll be a tight squeeze...I have the perfo and it fits fine because the perfo Cles is bigger than a regular cles..and with a Mono cles it's tighter, and with the MC cles it's probably even tighter, since there's less give with the Vachetta sides like Frozen7313 said...

    hope that helps..