Can The Multicolor Last >10years?

  1. been to chanel's forum and heard the bags can last very long even after 10years. is the multicolor line as durable?? really would like to know. thanks.
  2. I believe they can last wayy over 10 yrs with proper care. My mom isn't really careful with her stuff and her MC is doing great!!
  3. I'm actually really curious about this myself.
    It's been a good number of years now since Multicolore's release, I'd like to see how a well-used/abused 'first edition' bag is holding up.

    Would anybody who bought a Multicolore way back then (and not been super-careful with is) like to share their thoughts, or better yet, pictures? :yes:
  4. I got my Speedies and Alma when they still had waiting lists for them. The only thing I've noticed is that the purple LV's and symbols tend to chip a bit more. The rest of the bags are ok but the purple symbols and LV's near the zippers are a tad chipped. And on the PTI wallet, the symbol right over the snap is chipping (the mint green color).
    Otherwise, they're still gorgeous. I have both Pochettes and Speedies, the black Sologne, white Alma, white Carnet de Bal and black PTI wallet (which my mom uses now).
  5. Good to know. How long ago were they purchased?
  6. and does the white mc hold up better or the black mc after long term of usage??
  7. ^why would white hold up better than black?
  8. there'd be no difference it's the same process it just depends on how much a person uses a bag
  9. I got my white MC Alma when it was first released. It still looks very good. I don't abuse my bag though. I don't use it as everyday bag either. With proper care, I'm pretty sure it'll last over 10 years :smile:
  10. i think that with the proper care they can, but then again multicolore hasnt even been out for 10 years yet
  11. I got the Alma first in about Spring of 2004, Speedies at the same time, Pochettes closer to the summer, the black Sologne, white cles (I forgot about that one lol) and black carnet de bal then also. The black PTI was purchased in late 2005. :yes:
    Oh and the shoes hold up very well IMO. I have the white wedges and black flats that were purchased in summer of 2004 and they're still nice.
  12. I think LV can last a lifetime! Any of them will with the proper care!
  13. this is my moms MC speedy. I remember her counting the days lol when she wait listed for it lol. She beats the sh*t outa these shoes but they still look great IMO. The quality is just amazing.

    sss 001.jpg

    sss 005.jpg

    222 344.jpg
  14. It depends how often the bag was being used too. Honestly, because of the vachette leather, I don't think MC bag can last 10 yrs. I mean, if the leather turns to a dark color, it will make the bag look "old". Some Chanel bag with caviar leather (for example) can last a long time.
  15. I don't have LV that old but for the price of MC I would like to think that it would last ten years.:smile:
    I guess it depends on how rough you are the bag, my white MC wapity which I use for a "bash around" clutch already has colour chipping.