Can the large YSL College bag wear & tear & does fit a laptop in it?

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  1. #1 May 29, 2016
    Last edited: May 29, 2016
    ETA: thread title should read: can the large YSL college bag fit a laptop, as well as opinions on wear and tear

    Hi guys & gals,

    I'm hoping to pull the trigger on the beautiful large YSL College bag, hoping to use it for work.

    My most pressing question - does it fit a 13" laptop, and if so, would the latch randomly pop open (given it's a magnetic closure)

    Also, wondering if anyone has this beauty - how is it holding up? Please share any modelling pics :smile:
  2. I have been wondering the same question for a while, I wanted it for work with 13 inch laptop fits in as min requirement. From the research info I collected, the leather will sag and getting less structured even just using it as a casual bag due to the character of lambskin. That's why I opt out. Hope to hear more inputs from some owners.
  3. Hello I have both but unfortunately it does not fit. I personally feel the laptop would be too heavy for this beauty
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465132413.105800.jpg

    Here's a photo! Looked like it could but no:sad:(