Can the Lady Braid Flap bag be worn on the shoulder?

  1. I was wondering if the lady braid flap bag can be worn on the shoulder. It is such a beautiful bag. I have only seen it in pictures. Also, how does it compare in size to the MC flap and the classic caviar flap? I find that the MC flap holds what I need for day, but it is harder to fit everything in the classic flap. TIA!:yes:
  2. I tried this Lady Braid Flap in black & it's a gorgeous leather. As wearing on the shoulder, it's a bit tight for me. Definitely not with heavy jacket/coat! The size is about the same as MC flap. However the Lady flap has additional pocket outside where the flap fold over so it's more thicker than the MC.

    The Diamond Shine is a little bigger than MC flap but holds much much more. You might want to check this out.
  3. Here is Lady Braid in purple worn by Mischa. Hope this give you an idea how it's look over shoulder.
  4. Thank you so much for posting that picture! It is such a pretty bag, but you are right it looks like it will be very close fitting under the arm; and well, (cough)...ummm I am not as tiny as she is. Wish I was that size again! The diamond shine is beautiful and did seem very roomy. Do you think it is too dressy for day?
  5. hmm i dont think it's too dressy at all. I think the bag will make any outfit looks good. I have my EW in violet, though I havent use it at all, I can see myself wearing something that totally plain with it in bright daylight :smile:
  6. I don't think it's too dressy at all. You can always dress down with jeans. I use it much everyday now. I'm on the run alots especially with 4 girls to bus around & work. You would not believe how they treat my bag (ouch! ). It's so durable! The best part is brighten up anything that I wear & great transistion.