Can the inside leather of a vintage be repaired?

  1. I bought this beautiful purse and I love it! It is navy blue suede on the outside - in perfect condition with navy blue leather inside, and it is so cute, BUT... the inside leather is "crackling", resulting in all my stuff getting filled with blue dots.

    Can something like that be repaired? Has anybody tried to? Where?

    Suede inside.jpg Suede outside.jpg
  2. You might want to take the bag to a shoe repair shop and ask. I've seen some of the vintages having the interior relined in canvas, so it could be done.
  3. I wouldn't take it to Gucci only because they would charge you a fortune...but like previously stated, check into asking a leather reapair shop to do a re-lining for you. I love my vintage Gucci's too!!

  4. I too have a vintage Gucci with the bamboo handles that I just adore, but everytime I carry it the leather lining comes off on everything in the bag! I think I am going to take mine to a leather repair shop also. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I was wondering this too..thanks for the tips! Also:
    Speaking of repairing vintage Gucci's...what do you all think will happen to our present day Gucci's years from now? Do you think they changed the materials so that they wont "flake" etc and its just usual wear and tear (especially on leather)?
  6. i have been wondering the same thing, I have a few vintage pieces that I've considered repairing the interior, anyone have any experience with this?
  7. I don't know about repair but I remember reading once that after a certain year Gucci changed the material on the interior on the vintage bags so that the flaking would stop. Those bags from prior years are subject to the flaking problem.