can the GST be used as an evening bag?

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  1. I recently purchased a GST black with silver hardware. I bought it because I wanted a bag that could be casual enough to wear with a juicy sweatsuit as well as with jeans and boots. But how about it as an evening bag. I live in Santa Monica ca. and I tend to dine at trendy places. And how about taking it to a club? I am torn between the Gst and a jumbo flap which the SA said is better in the evening than the GST. What do you guys think.

    Can the GST be used as an evening bag?
  2. I think the Jumbo transitions better to evening.
    The GST is definately on the larger side. Definately not small enough to tote to a club.
  3. I adore my GST and it goes most places, but I would say for me it's a definite "no" as an evening bag - it's just too big and boxy. (and, I'm 5'8) For evening, I either use a clutch or a smaller flap bag. For a casual restaurant dinner where everyone's meeting up from wherever -- definitely, yes, I've used my GST. (love that bag :smile:)
  4. evening bag sort of = small, only necessary items bag.
    The GST is fine for dinner out, but not a "night out". KWIM?
  5. thanks. so you think it's alright to use it to go out to dinner and to take to a lounge?
  6. No! I think it is way too large to be an evening bag. The jumbo flap is much better.. a "large" evening bag that I can think of is the Balenciaga city or the medallion tote. The GST is just too bulky.

  7. ITA.....So funny, I was just going to say that!
  8. I think the Jumbo would be better to go from day to night.
  9. I think it is all right as a carry-ard kinda tote but not as an nice-evening/night-out bag. Wld use much smaller bag for a nite out.
  10. I personally think neither are "evening" bags. However, if your going to a casual restaurant either is appropriate
  11. imo not an evening bag...though u could carry it out for a nice dinner or something, but not a bag i'd carry with an evening dress.
  12. both jumbo and GST can be used as an evening bag (depending where you're going). if you're going somewhere casual, it's fine. But for going to those trendy/fancy restaurant, you're better off with a clutch, medium/EW flaps, or smaller bags.
  13. I was thinking maybe i could use it to take to a nice dinner or lunch and perhaps to a lounge. But I agree to bulky for a club. It's just so pretty.
    I am more attracted to it than the jumbo but the jumbo I think probably translates better from day to night. Such a hard decision. I can only afford to get one. Maybe I need to think about it longer.

    thanks everyone.....
  14. I usually dine at trendy places where you can where jeans with heals dresses formal dinning usually.
  15. The GST is definiely a day bag. The jumbo flap is ok for an evening bag if it is a trendy casual place such as you have described. As such, the jumbo can work as a work into play purse. I love them and have both.