Can the First fit as much as the City?

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  1. Hi! I have cities and the Purse already and I would dearly love to add a FIRST to complete my b bag collection.

    Inside my bag, I have a makeup pouch, epi wallet ( a bit smaller than makeup pouch), shades with bulky container,a checkbook and some pouches for receipts

    Heres a picture:
    inside my bag

    Will everything fit inside the first?

    thanks in advance
  2. I'm sorry, I don't think it will all fit. The first is much smaller capacity than the city or purse styles.
  3. No way! The City and Twiggy and of course the larger bags seem to be bottomless. I was so disappointed in how the First doesn't really expand so you can't fit much. It's nice for just maybe your wallet, keys, lipgloss and maybe sunglasses but that's about it.
  4. Nope, you'd have to sacrifice something. There is a thread out there called "what's in your bbag" - you can see how much each style fits.
  5. [​IMG]

    Nope, that's one of the reasons I don't have a First - too small. Your things would fit nicely into a City.
  6. Awwwsss, I guess I have to think twice before I buy the First. But it looks so pretty... But I dun wanna waste my husband's hard earned money..:sad:

    Awwwwssss!!!! I guess the First can't be used for formal occasions, only for casual nights out right?
  7. I would say no that all your stuff will not fit. I had both and I filled the first and when I transfered that into the city it really didn't look like much. I think the first is a more for going out, nice time on the time bag unless you don't carry much stuff to begin with.
  8. Nope, all your stuff would not fit. I love my First as a going-out bag, but it just won't fit all my daily stuff.

    I think you could use a First for a formal occasion, depending on or Pewter would be especially nice, or maybe red for a holiday event. But then, I'm not a stickler for fashion rules.
  9. i think you might be able to fit it all in a first (minus the mini LV thingy- that's a bag, right??) but it might be a bit lumpy.
  10. Its an old epi wallet actually, very very useful. I love it- I chuck everything in it...coins, crumpled receipts, money, candies, even keys and can hold a lot of credit cards too!!

    Thanks so much guys...

    Gotta think hard before buyin the first..I spent so much on bags already and I don't wanna buy one more bag that will just sit in my closet
  11. i really love the First, but it's not going to hold all your stuff in it.
    i don't tend to carry too many things, and i already have a hard time putting everything in my first. if you are able to fit everything in there, it is going to be hard to look for things and it's probably going to be really bulky.
    But with all that said, i love the style of the First!
  12. i fit quite a bit in my first, a wallet, make up pouch, cell phone... everything that i need!! But of course, the city can fit way more!