can the eva clutch be used as a wallet?

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  1. it just dawned on me that the eva clutch is actually cheaper than a typical LV wallet. do you think the eva can be used as a wallet? for that price, which one is more worth it?
  2. I think it may be a little too big but it is possible
  3. I don't think it'll work too well as a wallet because there are no compartments inside (unlike the similarly sized Sunset Blvd). And while it is a clutch, it's still too roomy w/out the proper compartments and things will move all over the place, unless you don't mind that.
  4. how much can be fit into the eva?
  5. i can see it as a clutch
  6. I have in there my zippy coin purse, cell phone, keys, a small travel size comb + mirror thingy, and sometimes my inhaler as well. I'm sure I can fit more if want to but that's really all I need.
  7. OMG tooshie, those pics of bora bora are gorgeous, lucky you!!! i went to disney world for my honeymoon 12 years ago!!!! i wanted an island honeymoon so bad, but hubbie wanted to be a kid for a bit longer....oh well....
  8. I wouldn't use mine as a wallet....a little to large and no compartments.
  9. A surprising amount! I just got this - I love small crossbody bags & adore this.
    I fit my LV french wallet, lipgloss,cell phone, keys, pack of smokes, lighter.
  10. IMO the clutch will not work well as a wallet since it is kind of big and the chain strap is not removable. I think the mono french purse and some other wallets are indeed cheaper than the eva.
  11. conniec.4, thank you for the nice words! It was a very memorable trip indeed :P . I want to go back already lol.

    I LOVE Disneyworld! So I'm looking forward to going there w/hubby one day, hopefully soon! Hey maybe you can get your hubby to do an anniversary trip :graucho:! You can sport your LV too which will make some awesome pics :yes:.
  12. I see it more as a clutch...sorry.
  13. it's rather big to use as a wallet. it's a roomy clutch. i'm actually pondering on getting a smaller wallet to fit in my eva.
  14. I wouldn't use it as a wallet ... I like my cards and cash organized and I think they'd move around too much in the Eva.
  15. doubt it. i suggest the sunset
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