can the courier be worn like a shoulder / hobo bag?

  1. Hi gurls,
    i was wondering if the courier bag can be worn as a shoulder bag / hobo like the day. i like the size of it, coz i love big bags...
    can the straps be shortened (punch more holes) so that it can have more like the gucci horsebit hobo OR chanel cabas bag kinda hobo look?

    thanks in advance,
    LMV :heart:
  2. I only wear my courier bag shoulder style, I find the messenger style too high.
  3. I wear mine shoulder style too =)

  4. do u have any pictures you can post? :love: thx
  5. ^^ i only wear mine messenger style :cutesy:
  6. is it possible to wear the courier ala kate moss carrying her 02 flat brass hobo? cuz thats how id want to wear it if i were to get a courier...
  7. do u have a picture of kate moss wearing her 02 flat brass hobo ? =)