Can the coco handle be used with a different strap? Yay og nay? :-)

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  1. I have a Coco handle in black chevron shiny ruthenium hardware size small (second smallest, perhaps it is now known as medium... 29 cm). I was thinking about the possibility of removing the strap and using other straps instead and I just cannot figure out if this would be a fun / nice thing to do to achieve some variation - or not.

    Anybody here tried replacing the strap with one of the straps that you can buy from other brands and was it a succes or not? Any advice? Mud shots?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I say "yay." I have a small and a mini. I haven't swapped out the chain on my small yet, but I got a gold chain strap from Coach that I use on my mini and I think it looks great. It allows me to wear it crossbody which makes all the difference for me.

    I saw someone use a Fendi strap on YouTube on their small and it looked surprisingly nice too.
  3. I saw a pic somewhere of a girl getting a strap from ebay, it looks like leather woven just like chanel strap but longer. It looked good! do it!
  4. You can probably buy a similar strap on Etsy.