Can the Coach stores look up your buying history?

  1. I've mostly bought online and just recently started calling a store to order and ship to me...

    The other day when I bought something in person at a store and gave my CC, the SA asked if I still lived at the same address and quoted my address to me.

    Kinda surprised me! If I had used a different CC would they still have known it was me?

    So would they also be able to see everything I've ever ordered -- and returned as well?

    Just curious is all! Thanks!
  2. I don't know about purchase history, but I had the same thing happen at an outlet store. They still had my address on file from the last time I was there months before. Although now that I think about it, they probably do keep a purchase history to determine eligibility in the PCE. I'm sure someone here who is more knowledgeable and not a newb like me will chime in.
  3. Hmmm.....

    If a Coach store can see your past purchases... can they also see the outlet purchases, too? Hadn't thought of that...
  4. Yes, they can. The last time I was in the full price store I was having trouble remembering what size of collar I bought for my cat. Well the SA just looked in the computer and told me. I had bought it an outlet - so I thought that was really cool! Great service.
  5. I just ordered a bag today from a store that I have never purchased from -- but the woman had all my information.. I have purchased from and the outlet so no idea if which my address/info may have come from. I would assume they CAN look up your purchase history although maybe it's not right on the first screen they see - ?
  6. I had made purchases on and when I visited the outlets for the first time when I gave them my card they had all my info right there.
  7. this is weird because I've made a couple purchases through JAX and had to tell them my information each time... it would be so much more handy if they kept it on file! My parents shop at the outlet for me and I don't they had my info either...
  8. They pulled upt he actual receipt for a purchase my mom made at a different store once.... its all in the computer! And yes you're in there based on the name and I think maybe the card too.... my dad was at the outlet with me to buy something for my sister...and when they swiped the card...they had HIS address because my stepmom shops a lot....
  9. They asked me at the outlet last week if I was still at the same address. :lol: It had been less than a week since I had been in the store and purchased something. I just said, "Yep. I haven't moved in a week." :lol:
  10. They put you in by name, not card... at least from what I understand. It's one way they can keep track of your buying for PCE purposes, plus it means they are shipping to a confirmed address which probably saves them a bit on lost packages.

    I also asked my SA this weekend if an SA can look up if someone had made a return based on a gift receipt. (I wouldn't have returned a bag from a friend I never see if his SA could have told him I did it.) She said that they could not. I don't know if they can look up your buying history on thier terminals or not. I'm assuming that corporate can, but what about the stores?
  11. please note: adding to the info - they can't look at method of payment so it is not a way for you to 'return' or 'exchange' items.
  12. useful info
  13. I had always purchased online until I found out about pce (thanks tpf!) When I went to the store to purchase something, it had to be shipped and I got an email with the tracking # the next day... and I had never given the store my email address, they must have had it on file from my online purchases.
  14. Thanks for the replies! Interesting info!
  15. So on that note - if I purchase at one store and then, after moving, start purchasing at another store, will the purchases from the first store count towards becoming a "preferred customer"?