Can the Box be worn as a messenger bag?

  1. Hi ladies!
    Just a quick Q about the Box.
    I was just reading and it says the strap on the Box is 26.5" which is just a little bit longer than the strap on the City. Could it be worn across the body? I am very petite (5'0", 90lbs), by the way. Can someone who's around my height model the Box (or City) with the strap across the body?

    Sorry to be a pest but I haven't had a chance to go to Holt Renfrew lately. I'm debating on whether I wanna buy the Vermillion Box.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. I think its possible.

    I can do it with my City... not the comfiest, but I can pull it off!

    I noticed that the strap on the Box is longer...

    You are quite small too, so I think it would be OK...
  3. oooh, that's good to hear!
    how tall are you, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I am about 5'2 :yes:

    I'm small framed, but am medium build...

    So I think it would be perfect for you!
  5. definitely possible - i'm 5'7" and i wear the city as a messenger when i need my hands and arms free!
  6. thank you sooooo much for your help! :flowers:
  7. WOW, and you're pretty tall, too!
    thanks, starkitten, for your input! :flowers:

    now i *really* want this bag. i'm hoping Barney's NY will have it in stock! i want to go to BalNY but why is it so far from everything else? :crybaby:
  8. They discontinued the box before the spring 07 colors came out so it wouldn't be a vermillion but a rouge VIF maybe (which would be gorgeous)..just an FYI that you better jump on it because once they're gone that's it!!
  9. I'm sure you could do it. I'm 4'11" and about 85 lbs., and I wear my Cities as messengers all the time - it's very comfortable (and they sag prettily!). The extra length wouldn't hurt though.

    And fabulous choice on the colour. :yes: It will be gorgeous on you!
  10. OMG, you're kidding me!! thanks for the FYI!
    now i'm torn. the first is too small and the city is too big. perhaps i should go for a twiggy?
  11. isn't it nice to be short? :wlae:
    the *only* time i hate being short is when i'm shoe shopping! i can NEVER find shoes!!! it's so frustrating!

    thanks for your input, cheshire!
  12. Dont talk about things being too far... I'm in Australia! :push:
  13. I am 5'1" 100lbs. Wearing a semi-bulky sweatshirt, it's a tight squeeze. It's empty too, so if you put a wallet etc in it, it may fit differently.
  14. Twiggy is a great choice too... that was my first ever b-bag... ahh the memories :smile:
  15. Yeah im a big fan of the Twiggy. I found the first too small and the city too big so I absolutely love the twiggy!!! I am 5'4'' and also have a box but cant wear mine messenger style as I have big boobs!!!:roflmfao: