Can the Aurelia MM hold...

  1. A letter size file folder without squishing it?
  2. Hi there I own the aureilla mm in black and love it...I think it can hold a letter size folder no problem...I will try it and get back to the visual thread you can see a pic of mine...I so want this bag in white as well...also I just got the black mc beverly hills mules and they are hot with the soo lucky and in love with black mc...only problem is I now want the white too...yikkkesssssssssssssssssss!!!!
  3. Thanks, and do you think pink, red, or mono heart would look best on it? I'm thinking pink.
  4. haha that's how I feel abou the black one!
  5. There is no mono heart...but I think the red or pink would look great ;)
  6. I meant mono multicolor :shame:
  7. yes it can fit, I've tried it before :yes:
  8. Red, pink or mono multicolor? :confused1:
    I'm a little confused, the Aurelia MM only comes in mono multicolor, so what do you mean by red or pink?
  9. That was about the Heart Purse - which comes in white, red, pink (I know, i know, they have fancy names... Perle and Pomme and Framboise, or whatever!) and monogram multicolor. :smile: Hehe, sorry to be confusing.
  10. Aurelia MM can hold 8x11-1.5 files w/o bending them. This tote can be use open like a square tote when the side snap buttons are released.
  11. OH my gosh LOL you meant the Vernis/MC heart coin purse!

    I totally thought you were asking whether the Aurelia would be best in pink, red, or mono heart (I thought..."new pattern?? :confused1:)

    haha! Thanks for clarifying!
  12. Aurelia MM only comes in multicolor, if you want similar in Monogram you can get the BH.
  13. bag~kinkylala is referring to Vernis Heart coin purse's color selection^^

    kinky~It's going to be stunning piece, do you plan to use it at work?