can the 5 motif bracelet be worn 24/7?

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  1. Hi ladies! I am thinking of getting a bracelet to stack with my love bracelet. Since the love never comes off, I want to wear the gray bracelet with it at all time as well, but wondering if it will be okay since it’s a bit dainty. I don’t want it to break off. Does anyone wear it all the time?
  2. Gold motifs are more low maintenance. However if you are doing high intensity running or workouts who knows. I don’t want to risk stretching gold. Bt at least gold is water safe. Stone motifs should not be exposed to water or chemicals.
  3. Don’t wear it 24/7. It’s not the Love and shouldn’t be worn all the time unless you don’t mind getting it damaged.
  4. Because it's so dainty, I don't wear mine 24/7