Can tea lights damage your dining room table?

  1. Hi all! I'm wondering if I put glass tealights on top of my dining room table without a table cloth will it damage the wood of my table? Does anyone have experience with this? TIA.
  2. I wouldnt personally, I always use a coaster, as even though they are tiny, the metal of the outside of the tea lights sure gets hot!!!. I would always err on the side of caution when it comes to candles for sure :smile:
  3. I have 4" x 4" tiles that I put under all candles. You can buy individual tiles from most hardware stores and you can color coordinate to the room. Better safe than sorry.
  4. I don't think they will if they're in glass holders. When I read the title of the thread I thought you meant just plain tea lights in their little metal cups. They could definitely do some damage-- those little suckers get HOT :tdown:
  5. Yea they are in these great colorful thick glass holders I found. The metal of the tea lights gets hot but I was wondeirng if the buffer of th eglass is enough to not damage the table.
  6. If you want the clean look of the glass cups on the table I would get some of those thin adhesive cork sheets and put a layer of cork under the cups.
  7. I've put candles in glass holders right on a wood table and I've never had a problem :shrugs:

    Just light it and let it sit for awhile, then feel the bottom to see if it's hot. I'm guessing won't be. I don't think companies would sell glass candle holders that get hot enough to damage a wood table, kwim? People would probably get hurt and sue if that was the case!
  8. Yea I think youll be fine. I also thought you meant putting the tea light directly on the table and that def wouldnt be good. But in a candle holder? Thats part of what they are made for
  9. I would think it would depend on the moisture in the wood. Most tables now are finished with such great varithaine that any moisture left in the woods is sealed completely (versus veneer on some older tables) that it wouldn't matter.

    But the cork idea is good if you just want to be absolutely sure. However, I know the kind of glass holders you speak of, and the rims at the bottom where it would touch the table is very thick, I think you are safe.

    Of course if I am wrong, I don't know you. ;)
  10. Probably ok if in glass holders but I would never risk it always put a coaster underneath.
  11. Coasters are your friend. Although much more heat intensive - my friends had a fondue party once. And the fondue pot melted the top of the dining room table ( they had a thick coat of varnish put on). $1000 to redo the top. ouch!