Can swift leather handle a bit of rain?

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  1. I've had my swift Birkin now for 6 months and it's still perfect. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to Vienna and I'd like to take my swift Birkin along. However, the weather says a bit of rain ... can swift handle a bit of water/rain at all? If not, then I guess I'm better off using my epsom Birkin.

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Yes:yes: at least that's been my experience. Just wipe it off.....
  3. Thanks isus ... that's very helpful!
  4. Wow...that's good news. I've been afraid to take mine when the weather looked "iffy". Thanks for the info. Have a great trip.
  5. just walked to and from dinner in nyc in the sprinkles-------------wiped off
  6. Does anyone have a 35 swift Birkin? How stiff have you found it to be?
  7. KATE I believe DUNA has a Swift 35cm Birkin. I believe it's kind of slouchy in a 35cm.....
  8. La Van, I've had my swift Lindy rained on a few times. No prob. Just wiped off.
  9. Me too,.. i have a 25cm Birkin in Swift,... just wipe off.
  10. La Van, rain is no problem for Swift. Just wipe it off. It also can handle oil or grease stains. Just wipe them off with a moist cloth or towel. Then pat with a dry cloth.
  11. Same answer as the rest, La Van. Have a great trip.
  12. LaVan: No problem with rain!

    Katel: My 35 Swift Birkin is very slouchy!
  13. Good to know swift can handle rain drops! LV, Thanks for asking and other for answering! :flowers:
  14. Thanks all!

    Well, I'm back from Vienna! I decided to take my black epsom Birkin instead because it was easier to choose my outfits lol!

    I went to Hermès and they had a beautiful 30cm Birkin in rouge imperial, suede leather, with palladium hardware. The SA said that rouge imperial only comes in suede ... it's not so lipstick red as rouge vif and not as dark as rouge h. I find rouge imperial to be a very good red neutral. I didn't get it because I'm not a fan of suede leather, but the color was beautiful.

    The SA also confirmed that swift should be alright with rain.

    I didn't get anything from H, but got other goodies (my main reason to fly to Vienna this weekend).
  15. the earrings la van, you got the earrings?
    dh was just in vienna too. brought me back a chocolate cake (sacher), and also treats from sprungli (flew out of zurich).