Can sunless tanner make someone THIS dark?


Sep 17, 2006
I got this picture from St. Tropez. I love their sunless tanners... but have not ever gotten a tan as deep as this.

I have to contact THEM somehow, I will use their "contact us" section on their site. But I thought why not ask here too, see if someone has had the same results?

I'm afraid they'll contact me in WEEK and tell me a plethora of their products to use. I was hoping someone has had good results with maybe a leg-specific application plus one for the full body and maybe a face one too.

Then I was thinking of mystic tan and I know from other threads on here a lot of people are happy with theirs! (The spray one that you go to the booth for.) But every time I've asked at my tanning salon (I've stopped tanning!) they don't sound wild about it and say oh it smells and oh I don't know, it's only good for a special occasion and you'll smell it when you perspirate.

I have a wedding coming up and I don't have time for trial and error. I was going to go tanning but I decided that I'm not going to do that! So now I'm kicking myself that I haven't been trying this and that. I do love St. Tropez though, especially since they don't smell bad.

They have a "the know how" page on st. tropez and I just thought I hit the goldmine but then I got a slew of products to choose from... and a few I already use (like the mousse) and don't achieve this dark tan. hm..


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Jan 23, 2008
I can get really dark from using a product every night before bed. And I can get seriously "Jersey Shore" dark if I go to the VersaSpa and use the Level 3 Bronze. I almost look dirty!
Jan 23, 2010
Dallas, TX
It's definitely possible with multiple uses. I'm a ballroom dancer and it's expected that we get dark for performances. The way we do it is to start applying thick coats about 4-5 days before the event. Shaving and exfoliating will lessen the tan (I am speaking only from my experience and that of my friends), and of course it comes off in blotches in a week (again, our experience- if someone knows how to avoid that then please tell me!). Everyone tans at a different rate so it may take you more or less applications than someone else.

Good luck getting your wedding tan! :smile:


May 18, 2007
Yes, it is possible to get that amount of color with sunless tanning products. Just be extra careful with product choice because many of them turn orange after repeated applications. I wouldn't recommend a first-time trial of mystic tan for a special event. I tried it once when I knew that I could stay home for a few days if it went horribly wrong. It did end up going horribly wrong and I was so thankful that no one saw it but me. My DH referred to me as an Oompa-Loompa for a few days :smile:


Jul 10, 2008
Yes, you can get that dark using one sunless product, you just need multiple applications over a period of a few days! To get super dark, I'd use either Fake Bake or L'Oreal Sublime Bronze in dark.


Hermès Hottie
Jun 17, 2009
do not get a mystic tan! you will be smelly and orange, and your dress will most likely be ruined afterwards. i would go with one of the following three options:

1. l'oreal sublime bronze
2. airbrush tan (where a person actually "sculpts" a tan on to your body.. they do it so well and evenly, and can actually airbrush like abs and stuff ist kind of funny.)
**3. autobronzer! (its a open-format machine similar to the mystic tan but with more natural looking, less smelly results. i'm not sure if you'd have one in your area though.. they are quite rare.. at least up here in can-eh-da. we only have ONE in vancouver. it runs about $40 a pop. soo worth it!!

also, if you're getting the airbrush tan or using the autobronzer, go at least 48 hours in advance :smile: