Can stitching be colored darker?

  1. Hi! I think this is my first real post here. :greengrin:

    Ok, so I bought this bag in black but I think it looks nicer in ivory.
    I don't need another ivory bag though, and I think the reason I like it more in the first place is because the stitching doesn't stand out. That looks nice sometimes, but I kind of feel like it cheapens the bag on this one.

    What do you think? And is it possible to color the stitching somehow? The bag is leather, if that matters.



    Thanks! :heart:
  2. You could take it to a leather repair place- they might be able to dye it for you.
  3. It seems like it would be very difficult to just dye the threads.
  4. The black one aims for the purpose that the white stitiching can contrast with the background leather. Some just want this contrast pattern while others don't. So you should take this into account when you decide to buy the item,right? :p
  5. I have done it before. I think some bags just look better all black. What I used is black shoe polish with the sponge applicator. Try it in a hidden spot first...maybe the inside if it has the same leather and stitching along the edge. Or under the handle, where it attaches to the bag. Let it sit for a day or so and see how you like it. Also, to make sure that the polish dries naturally.