Can Speedy be not made in France?

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  1. So when you buy a Speedy in US is it not made in France?

    This question is because I saw the thread below about Made In France Speedy!
  2. Keep reading the other thread and you'll find your answer :tup:
  3. yup!
  4. it is my understanding that some are and some are not some can also be made in spain
  5. Thanks, I started reading the thread in the reference library. And I think I understand it, but I have never looked at the MADE IN .... Stamp part in US to see if they were made in some where else? I only have one bag that I bought from Saks and that is made in France.
  6. Certain items will likely be made in certain places, for instance, I have a lot of vernis pieces that are made in Spain. If you have LE items, there are some that are made in Italy. Watches are all Swiss made. :yes:

    Welcome to the PF! Since we have covered this topic, take a look at the other threads for more info and detail ! :yes:

    This one is particularly informative since it shows you how to read date codes as well as the locations where LV is made !
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