Can Somone Please this bag?

  1. Please??

  2. **Bump Please**
  3. No idea, but it IS a cute bag. The butterfly flap is kinda fun! Sorry I'm not more help :sad:
  4. I **think it may be** a little higher end.

    Here is another shot of it.
    I'm striking out on finding the 2 bags I've looked everywhere for!

  5. You're going to think I'm a nut, but maybe someone on the Jennifer Love Hewitt official boards might know?? I've heard of people ID'ing bags that way before.

    Is the butterfly pony/calf's hair? I can't quite tell from those pictures, but it looks like it's that or suede.
  6. It does look like pony/calf's hair.

    Her official board???
    I didn't know she has one!!:yahoo:

    Do you know the URL??
  7. Dont know what it is, but its cute!
  8. Thanks Elara!!
  9. Last bump for this bag.

  10. I thought maybe it was by Paul & Joe, because they have done some butterfly motif bags, but I can't find anything like it on their website. I figured I'd still drop that suggestion just in case you wanted to research it yourself.
  11. Thanks!!