Can Somone Please ID Jennifer Love's cute bag?

  1. I have looked everywhere for it...please help.
    Thank you!

  2. Oh... This bag is REALLy cute! I don't know who made it but would love to know too.
  3. Me too!
    I hope someone here recognizes it!!:sad:
  4. cute bag aside, she looks really different..did she gain weight?
  5. it sort of reminds me of a fendi spy... like, the shape...

    eesh... i have no idea!
  6. It looks kinda Isabelle Fiore-esque, no? Don't know if it actually is IF, though.
  7. Thanks!!
    I'll check both leads....
  8. Came up with nothing....this is driving me crazy!
  9. Yeah, she's gained a ton weight...especially around her thighs. She has a mom-body now, and she hasn't even had kids yet! :wtf:
  10. I love this bag! Hopefully someone can ID it.
  11. She's always had a curvy figure. I think it's refreshing.
  12. Ladies, Ladies, women are just too hard on one another. I think that she looks fabulous, and I'd love to have her so called "Mom" body! It's so much more attractive than having a "Biafra baby" body...the starved look is not attractive!:smile:
  13. ITA!
  14. or maybe that's not a before and after? i guess it just might be the dress that makes her look different. i think she looks like beyonce in the second pic! but anyways, back to her purse, i have no idea!