Can someone

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  1. tell me if the Edith Bowler was made in two sizes or just the XL?
    I did a search but found nothing.
  2. The bowler with the front pocket (as far as I know) only came in the very large size. However, there is another style Edith bowler with a zip pocket. I tried to copy and paste the picture, but it didn't work. Go to the Chloe reference thread on Ediths, page 6, post 88, it's scarcci's post and she has a picture of her black one.
  3. Thank you llson:biggrin:
  4. could it be the edith "loaf" (as I think it was called?) a more boxy shape of the edith
  5. ^^That is the large size and the only Edith dome.
  6. Thank llson;)
  7. ...just like to say that the bowler is such a classy bag...
  8. I agree airborne:yes: