Can someone with Truffle anything tell me?

  1. Can someone help please? Just what color is Truffle anyway! I'd love to have a medium true brown, which is what Truffle looks like sometimes. Other times it looks like a rather deep Camel toned brown! I checked out the Reference Library, and the "Browns" thread, and found two posts. In one group of photos of 06 Truffle, they look just as brown as brown can be. The other photo shows an 07 Giant City, and it looks a lot warmer in tone. It's not just these two posts. Aloha rag just sent me this photo that is absolutely brown... I don't know if it really looks like this. :wtf:

    Are these two seasons supposed to be different, or is it just the photographs that come out differently in a random way? :shrugs: TIA!!
  2. There were 2 truffles: FW06 and SS07. I believe there are slight variations.

    The photo you attached looks exactly like my FW06 Marron Day, though. Marron is an olive brown, which is a delicious shade of warm brown, and slightly more muted than the FW06 truffle, which I find to be rather too bright with reddish undertones.

    You probably need to look at photos taken in natural light (but not bright direct sunlight) to have an idea of what the true colour is. Flash and indoor lighting distorts the colours.
  3. Thanks Roxane. Yes, aren't these colors maddening to capture. I've wanted a more chocolate brown and didn't think Truffle was close, until I saw this photo from Aloha Rag! I have seen Truffle photographed like this once or twice, but it seems to be an unusual look for that color, at least in general. It does look much closer to the 06 Marron, now that you mention it.

    Now I'm wondering if the 06 and 07 Truffle are two different colors. Aloha Rag responded to my questions by differentiating between Truffe 06 and Truffle 07. She said she'd have sent me a comparison shot, but had no Truffe on hand.

    I'm hoping someone who knows if they are supposed to be different will jump in. Thanks again. I should definitely give the Marron some thought. It is beautiful.
  4. I don't know if 06 and 07 Truffles are two different shades, but I do have 06 Truffle and it is a true medium brown. If you're looking for a medium brown without any undertones, I think Truffles is the way to go.

    Here's mine:heart:


    Just to show you some of the browns I have:
    07 Cafe, 06 Truffle, and 07 Sienna

  5. Thank you Tooshies! Your first photo, was partly responsible for sending me on my Truffle quest in the first place. It is sooo gorgeous. :drool: But, I'm beginning to think it is impossible to buy these bags without seeing them IRL. It feels like russian roulette to buy sight unseen, since all the b-bags seem to photgraph in different tones, or at least in different intensity, from one shot to another. I guess that's part of their beauty, but it makes shopping on line very hard. The Truffle seems to be even more variable than most. :push:
  6. 06 Truffle Bowling

  7. Ohhh Addy....Thanks..Also gorgeous. Love, love, love that brown...and the leather looks edible. I'll bet you saw that IRL and snapped it up. I've never really thought about the Bowling. It's way beautiful. Looks like the handle fits over your shoulder nicely too. :p...But do you see what I mean?? Doesn't look like the same as Tooshies brown, at all! :nuts:
  8. Here's my 06 Truffle Bowling. But I'm returning it:


  9. '06 Truffle Day. sold it, regret it, it was GORGEOUS!!


  10. No problem:heart: I'm so glad to hear that I got to drag you over to Truffle:p Well, my bag didn't look anything like that when I first got her....she was so dry/crackly so I decided to treat her with Cetaphil, and now she's darkened in color(which I like better), and so much softer!

    I completely understand your concern about buying a Bbag sight unseen, but since I moved to Sydney a year ago, I've been buying my bags sight unseen(I get pics sent to me before I commit myself, though)because I really have no choice! There's only one boutique here that carries Bbags and on top of their astronomical prices(over twice as much as the prices in the US), they're a season behind.

    But you've got to be specific in finding the color(shade)/leather you want, even send the seller/SA pics of the bag that represents the color/the leather. Also, when you receive pics, do ask loads of questions.
    I've bought quite a few now sight unseen now, and I'm happy with every purchase:heart:

    The only way to buy these beauties sight unseen!:tup:
  11. OMG. That leather is amazing! I bet you miss it

  12. Thanks Angela and PowderPuff....There you go :nuts: It's not just the color, but look at the difference in leather. OMG PowderPuff, that leather! :crybaby: How could you sell her?

    And Tooshies....Thanks for the tip about Cetaphil. I hadn't heard about that. And as for the photos, yes, that is it. I've been a bit shy about pestering for photos....The original one I posted from Aloha Rag really seems like some kind of stock photo. Same thing with Diabro. They almost look like they've been PhotoShopped into a completely sterile likeness of what a generic B-Bag color should look like. No way does any bag look like those. They are either much more glorious.....or...ulp..NOT! :push: Thanks all, for the photos and your help. :heart:
  13. I'm not sure about Diabro, but AR doesn't send out pics of the individual bag you're interested in...just the stock pic. In that case, just be extra specific about what exactly you want, and even send them a pic. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you can always try BalNY.

    Good luck!:tup:
  14. I've dealt with Diabro before and they're really helpful! if you send them an email and ask, they usually send out a photo of the actual bag... I asked for a comparison pic of the rouille colors and they sent it to me... maybe you should drop them a line???
  15. Thank you, tooshies and addicted ali! The photo of the actual bag would be much more comfortable, even if the color isn't true. I think I will try Diabro first, and see if they even have the bag. I remember reading somewhere on here, that they won't take any returns, but Aloha Rag will, at least after some restocking and shipping fees.. Worst case scenario, it is comforting to know you can return or exchange. Thanks again... you guys are the greatest...wouldn't buy ANY B-bag without you all!