Can someone vreify this damier alma?

  1. I just went though LV items on eday and saw this bag, but i dun know it is anthentic or non-anthentic ... looks like anthentic, but i still doubt it!:shame:

    i never buy any LV stuff on ebay, c/z there are many fakes!!
    i just need a authenticity verification from u guys:yes:

    and is it worthy to pay for that price (even though current price is $880) ?

    Thanks!! muuuah:heart:
  2. There is a defect on the bag. When the zipper is closed it has a ripple effect and that is defective. I have this bag and it should not do that. I have heard from others that some of the bags have come this way and customers have turned them down. For the $180 difference get one where the zipper closes and it is smooth.
  3. yap...that's one of my reasons. The zip is defective, not smooth and the BIN is kinda high for it. :hrmm:

    thanks for ur opinion!!