Can someone translate this??

  1. I got a question from buyer but I do not understand..It is italian..can someone help? many thanks :confused1:

    non parlo inglese, spero possiate tradurre questa e-mail e magari rispondere in italiano....
    vorrei sapere se la borsa e' usata e se accettate come pagamento pay pal, inoltre vorrei sapere con che corriere avverra' la spedizione
    grazie mille
  2. Rough translation:

    They're saying they don't speak English and hope you can read this and even reply in Italian.

    They are asking if the item is used, if you take paypal and how it would be shipped.
  3. Hi there - I went to and translated it for you! This is what the buyer is asking in English:

    "blank! I do not speak English, I hope you can translate this email and to even answer in Italian.... I would want to know if the used ag e' and if accepted like payment pay pal, moreover I would want to know with that courier avverra' the shipment thanks thousands".

    It's not quite quite - but I think she's asking how old the bag is and also how you could ship overseas.....

  4. Please let us know how you responded! :p
  5. OMG :confused1: :hysteric:
  6. Thank you so much ladies..:smile:
  7. This is how I responded
    NEW bag
    Global priority mail for international shipping
    good enough right?
  8. Sounds good to me!:nuts:
  9. haha wow good luck haha i hope it gets worked out ok

    you could try using babelfish yourself ( i used to use it for essays in french back in high school haha and although the transualtion is rough -for french class i had to double check it all< but for somone who fluently speaks the language the mistakes should be easy to get over)

    SO you could type your replys in English and then tell it to translate into italian and send that so they can get it that way :smile:

    good lucK!
  10. I've heard that there are difficulties shipping leather items into Italy. I've never tried doing it, but please check and make sure that there won't be a customs issue.
  11. There can be MAJOR issues shipping to Italy. First, USPS Global Priority and Global Express are not available, only air Parcel Post (or the slow boat =) Second, Anything Made in Italy is deemed very suspicious by Italian customs, subject to extra scrutiny, and certainly high duty and tax. We recently sent a present to a cousin who lives in a small village outside of Bergamo (no, no, ladies-------------- a REAL present, not an eBay sale marked "Gift" =) and it was a nightmare for our cousin. Ultimately, she had to show up at the post office with an invoice (which we made up and emailed to her) or they were threatening to return the gift to us. They ended up charging her the equivalent of US$38.00 for an item that cost us $89.95 ------- and of course our intention was to send her a birthday present, not cause her to pay money!!!