Can someone tell this woman 'Its a PAIGE!!!!!'

  1. I saw a khaki Paige on eBay, but the description says kelsey..
    check it out !

    Anyway I emailed the seller to check what was actually being sold as her pics and description is of a paige but she has the word 'kelsey' plastered all over her ad, along with a model holding a kelsey.

    She told me 'Its a kelsey in my pics.Why do you think its a paige''. Even her bag has tags so surely it must say 'Paige' unless she has a kelsey tag??

    So I emailed back telling her the differences and even told her to check koobas website, but she didnt answer..

    Maybe she is cross?
    I was going to buy it too, but forget it now!!
  2. LOL..drama over!
    She emailed me and and thanked me for pointing it out. She said the store gave her the wrong tag... buy or not to buy??

    Not me of on a ban!! :graucho:
  3. haha she changed the name ;)
  4. oh and if you're banned.... lol DUH

    NOT to buy! don't be naughty!
  5. I saw that auction too. Had half a mind to write her but after writing the fake bag lady last night I just didn't.

    You and your bag ban!!! Obvously there is so straight up definition of those words in your mind so just out of sheer confusion, you are not held accountable for whatever you might buy. LOL

    I told my husband I am on a ban till August when the Grysons come out. I want that Jasper so I am saving up a Jasper acct in Paypal. He just laughed at me! The Gall of him! LOL
  6. OT, but-

    Halzer, how cute are those chubby dancing penguins in your signature? I love them.

  7. Ahahhahaha!

    No I really am on a ban. :supacool: I think that my bidding finger is getting itchy because my Lena and Brynne arent here yet. As soon as I get some new leather to fondle I can go cold turkey.

    If only they sold Koobas over here then I could take a lil' picnic and spend the day in the department store and my need to buy might not be so great.

    Anyone got a green card going spare?:graucho: