Can someone tell me why my item isn't selling?

Jul 14, 2008
I have relatively good feedback (43 and no negatives) and I'm trying to sell a pretty popular item (new Louboutins for spring) for 10% off retail price (not a huge discount, but these are brand new, just got in store last week and there's a pretty limited supply). Shipping is reasonable.. I only charge what USPS charges and I have a stock pic, 2 regular pics, and let buyers know they can request more pics. I described the shoe and everything.. but only one person is watching and it's ending in a couple days! I don't understand. Can anyone help me?

My other item, which I only have a stock pic of (but it is significantly below retail, like 50% off) has like 10 watchers.


Oct 29, 2007
Thank the economy...:tdown: I just think buyers are holding off on luxury items unless they are real "steals". I know I have a few brand new, very popular items on now that would have sold in a heartbeat less than a year ago. Best of luck!!!
Jun 25, 2008
Maybe the price is too high or the description lacks something, IDK. But I believe you need more photos. One stock photo and two from you aren't enough, IMO, to do well selling such expensive shoes.


Apr 17, 2006
Maybe 10% is not considered a "deal" to buyers.

With all the ebay scams, I think I would rather pay the extra 10% and purchase at a department store where I can try the shoes on, walk around in them before buying.

I've purchased shoes previously from EB sellers, but only shoes I couldn't find anywhere else or extremely discounted.
No offense, just my opinion.


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Jul 25, 2008
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It may be the price, especially since we've been seeing Louboutins on sale at such crazy prices lately. I for one would rather buy from any where else than ebay. The photos are a big deal as well, stock photos always raise a big red flag for me. I always put up at least 7 photos. Make sure you have good lighting and take pictures of both sides of the shoe as well as front and back shots.


Jul 18, 2007
Since Loubou's go on sale I would say that the shoes need to be at least 30% off on the bay...otherwise I think people would rather wait or pay extra at the department store to have that "insurance"
Jan 8, 2007
it's probably the price. in this economy, people are looking for heavy discounts. look at erica's (******) listings for balenciaga bags -- she is selling brand new current colors for 30-50% off retail (with ridiculously low starting prices for some items to encourage bidding).
Nov 30, 2008
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I agree with the others in the fact that 10% off is not enough for buyers to buy on ebay. I look for CLs there myself and unless it was specifically a shoe that I was lusting after, I would just glaze past at 10% off.

Also, a lot of buyers of luxury items are leary about stock photos. Even if you have a few others, you need a good amount (I would say about 5-6) photos of your own and no stock photos to ensure buyers that your item is authentic.

I know everyone has to start somewhere, but 43 feedbacks is something that I know a lot of people would be leary about as well. Unless you are either well known here or known as an authentic ebay seller, or have a much higher amount of feedback, I think a lot of people would bypass the auction.

I hope this helps a bit in telling you what I would look for. Maybe really jazz up your auction, add more photos, drop the price a bit...or include a best offer price and also be sure to list in your auction that you are a TPF member with your username and that the buyer can have the shoes authenticated here. Many people dont know about TPF. Good luck.


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Oct 7, 2006
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I agree with other posts, 10% off retail wouldn't be enough to get me to bite. I'd rather go to the store in person, try them on, ensure they fit, and not have to worry.

I also believe that eBay tends to be very seasonal -- I usually don't sell sandals in winter, nor a sweater in the summer. It might be just a tad too early to have people interested in buying spring shoes in Feburary.


Jan 30, 2008
There are a lot of Louboutins on eBay at ridiculous prices. 10% off isn't going to compete with those. I have a pair up at less than 1/2 price, but there are others that are lower than what I paid.


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Dec 21, 2007
The price right now is what is selling an item!

I have a bunch of items up and the things that are selling are the ones with the highest % off retail or under $200.

Newly listed Tory Burch boots are listed at 50% off with best offer and have little traffic on them (in my store)
Coach Boots are a good deal but are under $200 and are selling really fast.
Jimmy Choo Yukon boots 50% off but are still $650 so it will be a bit b4 they sell...

All of my items have about 10 of my pictures (I rarely use stock photos) and as much detail as possible.
I do have over 1000 feedback (98.9% positive) the neg is a horrible story (for another day:smile: so that may also help.

I think you need to hang in there and work on getting more feedback and wait for the right price.
The other comment about sandals now may also have a factor in when those will sell. If they do not sell now you can relist for free in the next 30 to 60 days, sorry do not remember what it is.

Hope I did not ramble on too much!
Best of luck!


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Jun 5, 2007
have to agree with the above posters! most of what seems to sell are 50-60% off retail! with the exception of truly classic items like the chanel jumbo flap, almost everything that sells on ebay seems to heavily discounted.
Is the stock photo the one that shows in the search results? Because I don't even look at those listings (I'm sure I'm not the only one) to me stock photos = fake. I think you should also add more of your own photos. Try that before you try lowering the price.
Jul 30, 2006
I'm sure it's price. I know they are from the new season but at 10% off I think people would rather buy from the store in case they need to do a return etc.

Good luck with your sale though!