Can someone tell me why I waited months for one of these and now there are 3!?

  1. [​IMG]

    A whole year I stalked eBay! Ruthlessly, I waited for the Totally Turnlock Bowler in the oh so perfect shade of Firebird Red. When I finally found it, I BIN'ed it with a quickness and was ecstatic. Oddly enough, however, I have recently seen THREE of the Totally Turnlock Bowler in Firebird Red listed on eBay in the last month!

    How is this!? Why is this!?

    If someone could enlighten me, I'd really appreciate it.

  2. ^ I don't know but it always makes me nervous when 0 feedback sellers list designer items.
  3. yeah eBay can suck and be so unpredictible. i hate seeing things that ive bought already go for cheaper. on the bright side, you already have yours and you wont have to deal with a 0 feedback seller, not that there would be anything wrong with that seller just 0s are a bit riskier.
  4. I have been DYING to get this bag, but I feel kind of nervous about that seller with 0 feedback.


  5. It's a pretty bag! As for the question, it's purely supply and demand. Someone had a sale and everyone who found it is selling to the highest bidder. Economics at its best.
  6. It's weird how the seller ended the item early to one bidder for only $239!
    I think the buyer is the seller that sold you the bag, GUNG?

  7. ^Hey...Im kind of confused by what you mean. I bought my bowler a while back from a seller with quite a bit of feedback
  8. I think she means that the person that just bought the one posted above, is also the seller who sold you the one you have now.
  9. I always worry that this means they're fake. I have seen a lot of instances where a hard-to-find bag suddenly turns up months later in multiples, and they are fake (because the fakers have figured out that they are in demand).

    But I'm paranoid to buy off ebay at all b/c of fakes, so I may not be the best person to ask.
  10. That's what I meant! That's a better way of stating it... it gets too confusing when there's too many "buyers" and "sellers" in the same sentence!!
  11. I'm the buyer!! and I've never had one of these before.. I did have a Firebird TERI listed last week that GUNG was bidding on but since she cancelled her ebay account that bid was retracted. This is my FIRST bowler and I am extremely happy to have found one. I had the Mimi in Cordovan but never ended up using even once so I just listed my Mimi in exchange for this lovely Bowler. I hope I love it! To answer your questions the seller ended the auction for me but for the price of $300 plus shipping.. not the amount it says. She is new and didn't know how to add the BIN option. As for her being new I talked to her several times throughout the day and she seems just fine to me. I am going to take my chances on this one and I'll let you know how it turns out!!
  12. ^^It's beautiful, congrats! :yahoo:
  13. Where in the heck did you get a firebird Teri from??????

    And by the way, you will LOVE your bowler much more than the Mimi!

    Is this your first TT Bowler?

  14. LOL, I don't think you sold me a bowler, did ya!?
  15. No! I've never even seen a Bowler IRL.. haha. Do you think this one is in great shape? I hate the fact that it isn't stuffed!! I will immediately stuff it to preserve it's shape. I know the leather is really soft on these bags but I hope it still has some shape to it. Hopefully it really is like new!! The leather doesn't look too wrinkly and the inside looks great. We'll see!!