can someone tell me what's wrong w/ my BBag listing?

  1. Hi, I have listed this gorgeous B bag on eBay 2x and there have been alot of Qs but no one is bidding! I'm relatively new on eBay so can someone please tell me what am I doing wrong? Is my starting price too high or do i have a bad description? Are balenciaga days simply not hot anymore and I've been out of the loop?

    NO ONE is allowed to post their eBay IDs or their own auctions here. NO exceptions!
  2. More pictures!! The more pictures the better IMO! If you have an authentic bag with only a few pictures and very few of details (like close-ups of handles, bales, inside, etc) then it can seem like you're hiding something...I know it's not always the case, but having a ton of pictures definitely helps add to the legitimacy of an item!
  3. Just some ideas:

    Do you have the tags, tassels, dustbag? Photos of these would be good.

    More photos could help sell the bag.

    If you don't have the dustbag, tassells, tags, then your selling price most likley will reflect the lack of these items.

    Sometimes you need to sit on a bag for a while and try it at another time, not all bags are desired or wanted all the time.
  4. Yea definitely! Your Day is absolutely gorgeous and still hot for sure but maybe there just isn't anyone currently looking for one! So wait a couple of weeks and try your luck again :smile:
    All the best!
  5. I wish more people in Canada would list Balenciagas on ebay!
  6. It's just the luck of the draw. My brand-new, unused cornflower twiggy is up on EBay and I have 25 -- 25!!! -- watchers, but no takers. Just happens sometimes.

    Hmmm . . . mine's blue too. Maybe it's not the time to sell blue.
  7. thanks guys, and ellewood (I am from canada!) and I know since the custom tax is crazy! So ok, right now, i undersatnd I must add pictures and a better description

    so what should i take a picture of? the inside tag and the handle and the zipper and what else? also, is my starting price too high? I just want to ensure I will get around 700$ish... should i start low w/a reserve? or???
  8. Take a distance picture of the front, a close-up of the front, a photo clearly showing the back, one of the handles. With a used bag, it's good take photos of the corners to show the amount of wear. Take photos of the "extras" -- tags, controllato and extra tassels. Also the front and back of the inner tag.

    When you are trying to sell a high-dollar item, it's best not to skimp on photos to keep your costs down.
  9. Ronda, I am watching your bag and I LOVE it!:heart:
    I'm trying to sell a paddy now and if it sells, I might have to get your twiggy. It's exquisite!
  10. ^^^Thanks, and good luck. You sound like me . . . I always have my eye on the next acquisition!
  11. It's all about pictures! :yes: Buyers like lots and lots of clear pictures from all angles. Pictures that make the buyers just want to make love to their computer screen. :p
  12. All of the above, plus I think everyone is still broke from Christmas...

    good luck!
  13. ^^^Yes, broke from Christmas AND have already decided what we might be getting from the new season that's just started. I've seen a lot of bags on eBay that I might have bid on in November...but I have had two bags on order for SS 07, so it's hard for me to contemplate buying another right now. But after a few months I'll be trolling eBay again.

    Maybe wait until March or April if you can?
  14. totally agree - patience is a key as well! good luck!
  15. OMG my listing failed again i got 15 questions this time, fifteen! But no one bids! AHHHHHHHH if i dont' sell this one how will i get my money for a new bag!