Can someone tell me WHAT.....

  1. color Bbag did I see today..:confused1:

    It was a kind of cream color with gold hardware....(hope this helps)

    and I also wanted to the part time bigger the the city and smaller then the work?? is it width bigger then the city??

    thanks everyone!
  2. It was probably the natural that you saw. Or, it could have been an unusually creamy white. The gold hardware is the Giant hardware and is available on all of this springs colors.

    The part time is in between the work and the city. Its a little shorter than the city but wider and more deep. The handles fit nicely over the shoulder and the strap is longer so it can be worn messenger style. I love it.
  3. Yes. With the gold hardware, it is available in the city, brief, hobo, day, and part time. I believe this combo was extremely popular and stores are probably sold out by now.
  4. Ohhh so this is the natural...? I think its sooo pretty.....!
  5. It looks natural color to me....:smile:
  6. does anyone have the color "gris de perle" does it compare to natural...this is so confusing!...
  7. Check this out, i borrowed this pic from looks a bit light grey to me:p :p

  8. [​IMG]

    Sorry wrong pic for the 1st one, it should be this one u are askin says Pearl Grey.....:graucho: :graucho: