Can someone tell me what year this bow bag is?

  1. I cannot say that I am sure, but my guess is that it is a Palissandro bow from circa 2009/10. It is beautiful!

    Also, there is a great blog at that has a lot of reference material.

  2. Thank you! Yes the bag is indeed beautiful :biggrin: but I happened to see the thread about all the problems with the bow bags yesterday and now I'm internally freaking out about what to do ;(

  3. No no, just don't abuse it and it will age fine. I have many bow bags, all but one purchased preowned, and even the one I sling around for work looks ok. I slather conditioner from Loving my Bags on them every month.

  4. Ok I'll try doing that! Do you have any problems with it drooping at the bottom? Should I purchase some form of a base shaper for it?

  5. I think it is a matter of personal preference. I don't mind the droop so much but I like to keep my bag clean so I use a Chameleon liner in the one that is this size. I use my mini bow and bow tote a lot more often than this style, though so the droop factor is different on those bags.
  6. Hi, I was searching for inserts for the mini bow bag and I came across this post. May I know what size of the Chameleon liner do u use for the mini bow bag?

  7. Sorry just seeing this-I am not entirely sure because I bought it at least 5 years ago, but I think it is a Medium. If you email them, the owner will help you choose the right size.
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