Can someone tell me what the Step is?

  1. Sorry if this is obvious to everyone but me, but I'm a relative newbie to Bal.

    I did a search but still couldn't come up with an answer ... can someone tell me what a Step bag is? I welcome pictures ;). TIA!
  2. Here ya go....

  3. Oh I can't wait to get my Step:drool::drool::drool: I have only just also has feet on the bottom, how cool!
  4. Thanks ladies! Does it not have a shoulder strap?
  5. omg, so this is what the Step looks like! it looks reeeaaally nice!! the SA that told me about it said it hasnt come out yet, so im wondering when that will be?? deana, where was this picture taken? thanks
  6. This style doesn't have a shoulder strap. It'll be a lot like the "purse" and "brief" style. Those don't have shoulder straps either.

    I love it. I hope I can get one!
  7. :confused1:
    I actually had a couple I downloaded when they first started surfacing. I was really interested in a purple color coming out, so I downloaded whatever purple pictures I could find. I am positive you can be put on a waitlist for one now at Bal, NY.
  8. They are going to be made in almost every F/W 07 colour too, so I hope the Step is here to stay!
  9. Can't wait for my STEP in Ivory!! :rolleyes: