Can someone tell me what styles these bags are and how much?

  1. Hi. My first post, and I hope I'm not doing anything wrong here. I'm very new! I am just curious to know what these styles are and how much they run. Or if they still are being made.

    I'm a Louis Vuitton collector and met this nice lady who owned tons of designer bags. She had 3 Multicolore bags that she never used so she sold them to me. One day she emailed me and said she had 2 Chanels she would like to sell. She had no photos but she gave me a price that was hard to refuse, so I immediately went to see them.

    I know nothing about Chanels, but I instantly fell in love with these guys, even though they're so basic... nothing fancy like some of the bags I see here. All she told me was that the black is Caviar, and the beige Lambskin. She also said that those little charms dangling actually add to the cost. Is that true?

    The black one measures 9.5 x 6 x 2.5 and the beige 7 x 5 x 3. Hope someone could help! Thanks!
    Chanel_lambskin.JPG chanel_caviar.JPG
  2. Awwwww the charms are so cuteeeeee!
  3. Those charms really are adorable!

    You may want to post your question in the "Authenticate This Chanel" section--those ladies have a wealth of knowledge and would probably be able to give you an answer as far as cost.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I will try that. Yeah the charms are really... charming!!! :smile: