Can someone tell me what kind of purse this is?

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of purse this is... I'm not sure if it's a designer bag or not. Just thought it was cute and was wondering how I could find one like it. I've attached a picture. Thanks for any help!
  2. Don't know, but it's cute!
  3. Yes, I know! And I want it :yes:
  4. Its very cute...although I hate bags that are open like that. I wouldn't want my stuff falling all over the place.

    Lots of companies make bags that shape if you don't figure out the name brand. It's very east-west type bag.
  5. Thanks! I'll look into that...
  6. bumping in case anyone can help
  7. i'm sorry i have no idea :p
  8. Hmmmm, I still don't have a clue :s
  9. I don't know, but I love the color. It looks sort of salmon-ish. Very nice.
  10. Sorry, I have no clue although it sure is cute!
  11. Thanks for looking anyway...