Can someone tell me what a “VINTAGE 2 SERIES” Chanel bag is?

  1. That probably refers to the serial number--it is a vintage bag and the serial number starts with a 2...right now the serial numbers start with an 11--or has it moved to a 12? Losing track...
  2. LOL!!!:roflmfao:
  3. Thank you -- you guys are the best! ;)
  4. Let's correct some misstatements. The series 2 bag is an early Chanel and does not feature a holographic tag. The series is indicated by the first number(s) in the authentication string. The holographic tags began at series 5 or 6 and after Karl Lagerfeld came on board in 1983. So, if series 5 was being manufactured in 1983-84 and you have a series two and each series runs about two years., have a very fine vintage bag circa 1975. Early bags carry 7 digits on the interior tag. Newer bags carry 8 digits...makes sense since Chanel is now producing series 12....hence the extra digit.
  5. Serial numbers began in the early 1980's.

    Bags from the 1970's would not have serial numbers.

    We are on 17 million series currently.