Can someone tell me the quality of this sapphire?

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  1. Hi guys! My mom gave me this sapphire ring and she doesn't really remember any of the specs. I was wondering if any of you wonderful ladies could provide any information with regards to the quality of the sapphire? Thanks in advance!

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  2. Youll need to take it to an independent appraiser. From photos theres not much we can tell about a set sapphire unfortunately. The color looks even but without knowing treatment etc, theres not much we can say.
  3. Thanks ame! I go to school in New you have any suggestions of jewelers/appraisers from in the NYC area? I know that there is a diamond district, but I never really knew the reliable people there...
  4. Barry Block and Mark Bunda are two I know of. Don't go to a jeweler, go to an independent appraiser.
  5. Anything you do, please do not even go into one of those jewelers around Grand Central Station NYC that are only open to tourists. In my ignorance, I left my e-ring to be reset on 42nd St since I worked in the area. The owner literally held my e-ring hostage until I forked over $$$ for one of their pieces. So beware!

    I know that Macy's Herald Square used to offer an appraisal service. My brother had an e-ring appraised there some time ago. They had quite an impressive estate jewelry department. You might want to check. He might have paid $150 for the appraisal tho, I cannot remember...
  6. Thank you so much rainrowan and ame! I think I'll stop by this weekend to see if anyone can give me some good info. I love the color of the sapphire, but then again, the white gold is wearing down and even though the ring is 10 years old, it hasn't really been worn, so I don't know what quality this is...
  7. I'm going with AME that if you really want to find out what you have you need to take it to an independent appraiser, that means they DO NOT sell jewelry, they only appraise. They also have the tools to test the sapphire to see what types of treatments it has had. Most sapphires are at least heat treated which is considered acceptable and common but there are other treatments such as BE that make a garbage sapphire look great, meanwhile they are worth next to nothing. Gemstones are usually much trickier than diamonds to assess value.
  8. i can't say much about this but you must go and show to an experienced jeweler