Can someone tell me the names and seasons of these colors?

  1. I'll be happy to post them once I know what they are

    The creamy colored napa (like ivory)
    The more rosy colored pink (is it quarzo?)
  2. creamy color is called blonde, but dont quote me on this. and the rosy pink is called quarzo, i think...

    looks like i havent mastered the lingo of BV yet :p
  3. Yes definitely, me too!
    The ivory color was like last season or something - its like an ivory
  4. there's pergamena - an ivory-ish color.....

    and yes, the dark/rosy colored pink was quarzo. I've got swatches of both I can send if you need! LOL!

    but I'm season-impaired on both so I'll defer to the experts!
  5. Just going by catalogs, the Quarzo first appeared in the Resort 2006 book, and Pergamena first appeared in Spring/Summer 2007.

    When you described the ivory color, Pergamena is what came to mind.
  6. thanks guys!! Posting these thanks to your help
  7. There's also a kind of creamy/yellowish/butter color called luce neutro...
  8. Luce (light yellow) and Hyde (light green) is from the current F/W and they are mostly used on Ostrich skins.
  9. Yes, thanks uclaboi, that's what I thought too, but my husband ordered me an intrecciato toggle bag in "luce neutro" -- I'll let you know when I receive it whether in fact that's what it is.:p
  10. ^ Cool! Can't wait to see your new toy, valkyrie!
  11. Aren't you a lucky gal!! Your husband is a keeper!!
  12. Thanks, I completely agree!:yes::heart: