can someone tell me the differences in these 2 bags

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  1. Im torn between these 3 coach gold bags

    coach hobos


    opinions please and what is the difference between

    these are all on eBay now thanks so much for your help :O)
  2. Do you have the pictures? That'd help. :yes:
  3. Pictures would be great!
  4. One is Soho, one isn't...
  5. I think I posted links to all 3 bags.. Im trying to figure out how to post pic's directly. thanks for your help :O)
  6. pleated hobo is a great bag...may still be at the outlets.
  7. I think might answer what you are asking.....

    One of the Hobos is crescent shaped (the top curves like the botom of the bag) and the other is shaped like a filled in "u" (the top is straight but mushes down as you cary it.)
  8. KKKKate Hugs to you thats the question I was trying to ask.. they looked so much alike to me and their dimentions were almost the same Im looking for a roomy gold bag and this info helps alot
  9. I have number 1 in white leather and pink mini signature. They are very roomy and the drape is lovely. They stay on your shoulder perfectly.
  10. thanks Graberg I took your advice and bought the top one. It was also helpful to see your pic since you own the pleated hobo and had it next to the one I just bought in gold. Now I can't wait to get it thanks again and to everyone who help Hugs too!:yes:
  11. You're very welcome. That's a great color you're getting - will look forward to seeing pics.