Can someone tell me the difference between the 3 coin purses?

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  1. 1-Coin Purse [168503] 4.5 x 6 leather tag only
    2-Mini-purse (Coin Purse, porte-monnaie) [130783] $285 6 x 4.5 leather tag only (narrow) 1408
    3-Porte-monnaie (coin purse) [130782] 4.5 x 3 no longer made leather tag only (narrow) 2778

    I am soooo confused by the 3. I know the 3rd one is the discontinued style, but what about 1 and 2? Anyone have pics? I have #2 and I used to have a Cornflower Blue one but I am unsure what my CB ones was.
  2. coin purse:

  3. actually i think 1&2 are the same? arent they??
  4. liz, I found a pic of #3 from the Bal style reference section. firstclass, I hope it's okay that I used the picture of your YUMMY accessories! The below pic shows both the coin purse (#168503) AND the porte-monnaie (#130782).

    '06 black shoulder / '05 teal shoebag / '04 eggplant coin purse and porte-monnaie / '05 sky-blue porte-monnaie

  5. this is the mini coin purse (for qns 2)

    Here is the mini-mini coin purse (discontinued style) for qns 3 which is impossible to get
    KIF_1499.1.JPG KIF_1282.1.JPG
  6. great thread Liz!

    Celia, what is qns 2 or qns 3?
  7. Qns - questions (I hope that's what you're asking! :confused1:)
  8. I think those stand for question 2 and question 3, hmwe...
  9. And to make things more confusing, later this season there will be GH coin purses (and Holiday collection coin purses too!)

  10. oooooo pretty!!!!
  11. YEAHH I LOVE this thread - I'm still a big fan of the cute coin purses :drool::yahoo::heart: - thank you for start it lizlike..... :tup:

    Cute pics lothlorien, Celia.. and 'P' incoral.... - thank you for sharing :heart:

    my currents from 2004:


    and those from 2005:

    DSC00189.JPG DSC00190.JPG
  12. fistclass1 your coin purses are so cute! I love your collection!
  13. firstclass- love your piccies!!

    ICB- that giant coin purse is GORGEOUS!! i want it..
  14. I just bought by first coin purse from Aloha Rag ... can't wait to share!
  15. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I hope Diabro gets these eventually; I have to have one!