Can someone tell me the colors of these two Planet/Boobies?

  1. Here's the first one:



    And here's the second one:


    Also, were the Planets produced from s/s 2005 through f/w 2006?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. IMO, the 1st one looks like white (possibly taken in weird lighting?). The 2nd one looks like rose or calcaire. Hope that helps!
  3. Ok, here goes...I think the first one is white (just in bad lighting) since there have not been any ivory or bone colours produced in the Boobie (???) The second one could be greige in a little too much light (possibly a bit over-exposed?)
  4. I think the last production of the Planet was the SS 2006 season.

    I agree with the 2nd one being Calcaire (although quite honestly, they both look like Calcaire to me).
  5. i love the first one! it looks like bone white to me. the 2nd one looks like either greige or calcaire - the lighting is so terrible...
  6. I agree with you 'P' incoral.... :yes::tup:! They both looks like 'calcaire' to me too (?) !
  7. It's hard to tell as it looks like the one that i used to have white 2006 boobie...very similar...the pics can't tell that truely unless it captured the right color of this boobie.
  8. Planets/Boobies were first intoduced during FW04. I have a dark brown pebbled Boobie from FW04 which I wore with my FW04 Marron Camel Skin Aviator Helmet Bag. They were introduced as a part of Aviator Bag collection, so they're never made in FW04 collection colors. Hope this helps:tup:

    The first pic looks like yellowed white, and the second pic looks like it's Calcaire.