Can Someone Tell Me More About This Butterfly?

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  1. It was part of the Conte de Fees line in about 2001 I believe. There was also and owl and a frog made. I think twiggers might have it in her LE thread, I'll see if it's there.
    Also, those are really cute but SO tiny, they're more like a change purse with a really long strap.
  2. It is so cute.
  3. I have one, its capacity is tiny, but it is a very cute bag, it's more like an accessory item instead of a pratical bag.....though......... but i must admit that it is VERY CUTE
  4. it's lovely
  5. cute bag! :smile: i wonder if they would make something like that in the latest amarante color :smile: hehe
  6. Thanks LVbabydoll and snowypam. I am dying to get it but I think DH will divorce me if I do. I am on a ban now. He thinks TPF is a bad addiction. Ok, I should stop typing before he sees me on this forum.....
  7. ^Lol, well if you end up finding one for a good price, snatch it up! They're really hard to find nowadays for decent prices. Tell him it's an investment in your future. ;)
  8. its so cute.
  9. here is a photo of mine if you are interested :smile::heart:
  10. hehe, forgot to add, not for sale :p
  11. Gosh, this is so cute and pretty.

    If the price was a tad bit lower I think I would give in and get it.
  12. Thanks for the pic, it's so yummy. The one on LT is sold. I hope one can come around in the future, and hopefully by then my DH can approve of another purchase.
  13. Very cute! Small, but cute!