can someone tell me more about the Mat line...

  1. I'd like some info regarding the Mat line (I don't even know if I'm spelling it right)...I know it's been discontinued...and that's the only thing I know.

    Is it like the vernis but less shinier?!?!?

    also, I'm looking at getting a ludlow...which would be nicer...Ludlow in pearl vernis or mat noir???

  2. mat noir. its on my list of 'want it right now'
    i think the mat is better looking. more glitter than shimmer.
  3. Mat line was beautiful. It's too bad it didn't do very well.
  4. thanks pinki and photoobsessive...

    is it sparklier than vernis?!
  5. ooh i had a mat noir fowler but the strap broke :sad: here she is...
    it's a glimmery gunmetal color, not as shiny as vernis. it's more satin-y. i miss her. i really like the mono mat.
  6. NONONO everybody! get the vernis ludlow perle!!!
    its beautiful, and its not tooo shiny!!
    i have it, and its just GORGEOUS!
    its my favorite lv piece (besides miroir pochette)
    its very sturdy, and can hold bills when folded in half.
  7. Actually, it kinda shimmers like lowlights in your hair.
  8. oh no! what are you going to do?!?!

  9. thanks!! that was a really good description pinki!!!

  10. any probs with colour transfers?
  11. :yes:
    pinki has the most eloquent way of describing LV, IMHO:flowers:
  12. like lowlights, i like it!

    i have never heard of color transfer on the blk or purple mat. i don't know if any one on here has more info than that, but overall, these are my favorite pieces and they are KEEPERS!!!!!

    i want MAT items, specifically blk and purple more than anything!!!!!!
  13. It shimmers under the light, not as high maintenance as vernis, no color's very classy looking bag..

    You will love this line..
  14. :nuts: i always like your judgement and taste Nita!!

    I'm thinking about a wallet...:graucho:

  15. LOL, thanks:shame:
    Did you get that wallet?? Congrats!!! I didn't hear a thing..oh well..