Can someone tell me if you can get aqua in...

  1. the twiggy style. I've searched the aqua club thread and can't see one. I can't recall if anyone has mentioned this, but I think an aqua twiggy would look gorgeous.:heart:

    Do they do it in this colour and style? :confused1:

    And if they do and you've got one, can you post pictures.:graucho:

    I want an aqua twiggy!!:yahoo:
  2. They do yes, the ones at BalNy werent that great pretty veiny if i remember correctly. I think HN had one in Edinburgh but I may be wrong.......
  3. Would love to see one too!
  4. There's one at HN in Leeds that looked quite nice.
  5. Thanks....I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see if it is still there.
  6. ^^It was def. there on Wed., and colours tend to stick around in Leeds. We're a boring lot, apparently.
  7. They must be boring in Birmingham (no offence to anyone living here) too, because last time I went there it was nearly all Black and White!! There was no bright colours at all.