Can Someone tell me if this Lilac 2004 city is authentic please ?

  1. Hi I have a friend who believes that the Lilac Balenciaga she paid a lot for is fake. It's a 2004 city, she thinks it is, she's asked dude as well but she hasn't responded. i know that there are a lot of you here who have many balenciaga bags and would definitely have something similar to compare it with.

    the photos are here
    hers are the ones labelled 'the dud...'

    i hope someone here will be able to help her!
    thanks so much!!
  2. wannabelyn, I think it's fake, though I'm not the expert, but it's really obvious, look at the metal bales, it's square. Based on atelliernaff website, the real one should be round... but you want double check it again with the other PF member...I feel so sorry about your friends... I know it's really annoying to found out that the bag is fake... I hope she can return it... good luck
  3. Yep, sorry it's a dud. The inner tag's wrong. The number ones on the tag should look like "l" not "1" (picture 11) and the bales are square in picture 12. Bummer. Hopefully she can get her money back from the seller.
  4. BTW - where did she buy it? Can I ask how much?
  5. I'm sorry, but it is fake :sad: :sad: :sad: Can she get her money back? I hope so, my fingers are crossed - make sure she fights it hard!
  6. she bought it off another member from another australian forum

    the seller said she bought it from Twist a HK store that sells designer goods. i have personally read about this store from many HK i don't doubt the store at all.

    however, she first realized that it could be fake from referring to the ateliernaff website :sad:

    paid about au1080?? all we had was the aterliernaff website to refer to, so i told her i'd post it up on this forum because so many lovely ladies here have so much balenciaga knowledge too!
  7. I had a lilac 04' on the authentic lilac, the color is much richer.
  8. oh my goodness!!!!!! This is heartbreaking to hear, I am really so sorry - she really should demand her money back, and honestly fight it until the end, she SHOULD NOT be left with a counterfeit bag, that is not what she paid for!
  9. She should go back to the member on the forum and get her money back. Was it on the vogue forum?
  10. it was!

    she's had it for 5 mths already :sad2: therefore she's in a more sticky situation...she even sold her authentic rouge and kept the lilac so she's quite disappointed
  11. oh my goodness, I really feel for her - that is awful. :sad: 5 months is a long time.. but it shouldn't prevent her from getting her money back, since during the 5 months she had no idea it was a fake
  12. Pointelle should keep at the original seller. Everything is off with that bag and yet the seller is still insisting that it's real?!??! She's ruining her own reputation. She should get her $ back.
  13. Oh dear, I feel so sorry for your friend. >___< I hope she get her money back.

    [EDIT] I just read the thread on Vogue and it makes me so mad! The seller should be sued.
  14. I know that bag, I was about to buy it from her and she emailed me the pictures, I told the owner that the bag is totally wrong. I have also consulted w/ louisey about it , the bales and the tag is plain wrong:cry:
  15. what did she say when you told her it was all wrong???