can someone tell me if this is unisex?

  1. i love these, but they look sort of manly dont you think? now does anyone know if these are womens or mens shoes before i walk around wearing a pair or man's shoes.

  2. Hi, I dont know the shoe, but I find it a bit manly :yes:
  3. They definitely look like they are for men in my opinion. What were they listed under?
  4. they werent listed under men or womens category... it was just under shoes at bluefly. oh well, i guess i knew they were manly i was just so attracted to the patent white, so pretty! thanks for your opinions~
  5. definatley Mens- I saw them a while back in a local mens boutique in black and white!
  6. I've seen those and other similar colors/styles listed under womens but to me they aren't "feminine". Depending on your outfit it could work because we often forget that the entire shoe is not visible once you wear it, especially from up above (where people's eyes are;)). So I'm pretty sure those aren't men's (or men's ONLY), and I believe you should get them if you love them!
  7. Oh yeah and funny thing is the colors aren't exactly if I guy asked this question I'd tell him to get them if he liked them, but they aren't exactly "masculine"..:nogood:
  8. I think a woman can wear them...
  9. i think they would tottally be rockable if it werent for the me the heels kill it! but if ur pants cover it id tottally gof for it :smile:
  10. I love the patent white. Just bought a pair of heels, they were called mystic white, like a cream and I absolutely love them.