Can someone tell me if this is an authentic Chloe???

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  1. Help!! Can someone tell me if this bag I won on eBay is authentic or not. The item # is 140139499954 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  2. I'm afraid it's fake :tdown:

    Have you paid yet?
  3. No..I haven't paid for it yet. Thank you SO much for your reply!!!!!
  4. and if she even thinks about leaving you negative feedback, tell her you have had it vericated and authenticated and its one of the worst fakes seen in a good while ;)
  5. Thank you ladies very much for helping me out with the handbag.
    I want so much to have one of those beautiful Chloe bags, but I will not take any chances again on eBay. I obvioulsy don't know enough about that particular brand to be buying them there. I will save up to buy one from a department store so I can be certain I am carrying the real thing.
    Many thanks again!
  6. ^ That's probably very wise. :yes:

    If you are ever tempted by eBay again, you could always ask for the bag to be authenticated on the Authenticate This Chloe thread before buying it.

    Nothing's 100%, but that should reduce your chances of receiving a fake.
  7. Closed because this needs to be posted in the Authenticate This Chloe thread. But glad you found out about the bag before bidding!!! Good luck on your search!!!
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