can someone tell me if hermes has this color?

  1. I would say this is closest to Hermes Brighton Blue - have a look in the color thread in the reference section :smile:
  2. i believe the brighton blue is close to the lv myrtille. i haven't seen the bb in real life but the myrtille is a gorgeous almost blueberry color.
  3. Gorg-ey color!
  4. Brighton Blue!!
  5. not thalasa blue, not sure about the spell
  6. looks like brighton blue!
  7. i have been LUSTING over this blue colour, especially with gold hardware. is this also closest to Brighton Blue or does H make a colour a bit more royal and deeper like this one?
  8. I'm thinking more like blue roi. Anybody else care to jump in? I'm not to good with the blues. Now, the black color family I know really well.:p
  9. This is pretty much the same as BB. Love it!
  10. ^^ wow really? BB looks lighter to me. i'll go look through the colour thread again.
    thank you !