Can someone tell me how...

  1. in the world is Paris Hilton able to stand that way? I looked at the picture over and over again and I can't figure how she can stand with her feet in that position? :huh: Doesn't look like she's got them crossed.

  2. I`m pretty sure she does have them crossed :amuse: b`cuz the arch of both her feet are facing outward.
  3. They are crossed, and rest assured she spents countless hours practicing that pose.
  4. i'm not sure if this is part of it, but she is bow legged...
  5. she also has man-feet and man-hands, so she is more able to stand in odd positions that normal women can't.
  6. Yup, it was reported that Paris has huge feet, size 11. :shocked: So she always positions her feet in angles so that they don't look so manly.

    And yes, her legs are definately crossed.
  7. Hi guys, yea, I know her legs are crossed but I just don't understand how she could stand in such a way that her dress doesn't really show she's crossing... wait, am I making sense here?

    And woah... size 11 is like boats for my feet... o_o
  8. Its the material of the dress. Its the kind of material that moves with you, very flowy, yet holds its shape. Its pleated also so that helps.
  9. Her legs are crossed. I stand with my legs crossed sometimes but never arch my back like that much.
  10. Is it just me or does it look a bit photoshopped? If it's not - then it's *really* weird. But nothing really surprises me with Paris anymore..
  11. That leg cross is just a bit too extreme IMO. Other celebs pose with their legs crossed like that but in a more natural way. Paris looks like she needs to pee. :rolleyes:
  12. Now I don't feel so bad about my size 11 feet. :lol:
  13. one more reason to hate paris hilton...i find it hard to find cute shoes in size 9.5/10...and she has great shoes in size 11?!?!? grrr.
  14. ^^Some are probably special order or custom ordered for her.
  15. size 11?? aaah I feel sorry for her!