Can someone tell me how much the Coach Ladybug keyfob retailed for?

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  1. I am so tempted to buy one but it's about $50. I love ladybugs as they are a good luck piece for Chinese adoption but I don't know if I want to spend $50 on it. I could almost buy the Lemon Coin Purse for that.

    How much did the keyfob retail for and do you think they are worth it?

  2. I had to have her!

    Here she is,

  3. I believe it was $38. I love the Ladybug! I want one!
  4. they have the ladybug keychain at the outlets, I just saw it last weekend. Sorry I don't know the price though. It was at the Barstow, CA outlet.
  5. That is sooo cute!!!!

    I would have to have it...........IF my son hadn't broken his cell phone and stole mine! I now have a cell phone that is HUGE and OLD and can't get a new one until September!

    After I get a decent phone back I may have to have that!!!!
  6. Then I probably paid to much for it on eBay.......but since I don't live anywhere near an outlet it's worth it! I am going to the Gulfport Outlet next month so maybe they will have another and I can buy one and resell this one.
  7. That is so cute - totally worth it!
  8. Hey can i ask what you meant by goodluck for chinese adoption?!! are you adopting!:smile:
    i ask cause im adopted and i get so excited where i hear about other ppl adopting!!! :smile:

    well either way the lady bug is super cute,,,but i agree id have trouble getting it for $50 when i could almost get a lemon with that

    but if its one of those things that if you dont have it you will be SO sorry,,, then get it :smile:

  9. It is adorable... but I agree $50 seems like alot unless you are sure..'
    Slush.. I too get excited when I hear adopting... cuz I am TOO!!:yes: - a whole nother BLOG!
  10. hehe really! ugh where can our other blog go?

    well lemme just ask where were you born and adopted to?

    i was born in Costa Rica and adopted to Brooklyn NY!! :smile:
  11. I have the ladybug keychain (got it as a birthday gift 2 years ago and it's been on my keychain ever since). It's still in gorgeous shape (and let me tell you, I throw around my keys and think nothing of it).
    It's gorgeous! Congrats and good luck with the adoption.
  12. I bought that ladybug keyfob two years ago when it was new and it still looks that way. I think it was either $28 or $38. I plan on using her as a charm on my bags again this summer. I don't think you will find her now for less than $50.
  13. Hi!

    Yes my husband and I are adopting! We can't wait to bring our baby home! We are adopting from China. Ladybugs are a sign of goodluck in Chinese adoption!

    We started this long journey in January of 2005. Our Dossier finally went to China in January of 2006 and now we have been officially WAITING for almost 16 months. China has slowed down greatly in the past year due to several things.

    Right now they are referring babies to people logged into their system at the end of October. So we have November and December to wait for them to get through and then we are FINALLY there! We are hoping that we will have her home by December!
  14. OMG I sold this same keyfob brand new with tags for 10 bucks including shipping about a month ago. I didnt want to list it and had someone on eBay email me and ask me if I had one. I can't believe I coulda got 50 bucks for it!!?!
    I think I paid $20 on clearance at Marshall Fields back in 2005. Original retail on the tag said $38 I believe.